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Trading UI Overview
Trading UI Overview

Graze through our Trading UI pasture. Simple, swift, and no bull.

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The trading UI on OX.FUN is designed to be familiar and intuitive, allowing you to efficiently trade perp contracts. We break down the UI into its key sections below:

Price Chart

  • Powered by TradingView: Offers indicators and drawing tools for enhanced trading analysis.

  • Integrated Order Management: View and manage your working orders and open positions directly on the chart.

Depth Chart

  • One-Click Access: Toggle to the depth chart using the “Depth” button at the top right of the price chart.

  • Liquidity Visualization: Shows the aggregated liquidity available at each price for the selected contract.

Order Book

  • Customizable Views: Choose from 4 default views to monitor buy and sell orders.

  • Pricing Details: Displays the “Mark Price” and “Last Traded Price” for the selected contract.

Trade Ticket

  • Order Types: Select from Limit, Market, or Stop Orders.

  • Trading Process: Input the trade price in USD and the quantity in “contracts”.

Recent Trades

  • Market Activity Stream: Shows recently executed trades with details like quantity, time, and whether it's a buy (green) or sell (red) order.

Position Table

  • Overview of your open positions, working orders, order history, trade history, and account balance.

Margin Details

  • Metrics Displayed: Includes 6 metrics to help manage collateral and assess portfolio risk.

Key Metrics Include:

  1. Margin Ratio: 100×Maintenance Margin/Collateral Balance100×Maintenance Margin/Collateral Balance. No new orders at 50% and above; liquidation starts at 100%.

  2. Maintenance Margin: The minimum collateral to keep positions open.

  3. Portfolio Margin: The collateral needed for all positions and orders; increases with new orders.

  4. Collateral Balance: Total OX in your account used as collateral.

  5. Available Balance: Collateral available for new orders or positions.

  6. Total Leverage: Calculated as Notional Position Size (in OX) / Collateral Balance.

For instance, if you are long 500k OX worth of contracts and hold 100k OX in collateral, your portfolio is leveraged 5x.

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