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First gate to the pasture. Easy steps to log into your account.

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Welcome to the OXFUN Support Centre – the heart of our bullish community. We're over the moon to have you join our thriving herd at OXFUN. As your trusty steeds in this journey, we’re here to lead you through the seamless process of getting started on our platform.

Before we gallop into the registration details, let's take a moment to reaffirm our commitment to your security and privacy. Protecting the herd is our top priority. Rest assured, we've built OXFUN to be not just a powerful trading ground, but also a secure pasture for all your trading adventures. Now, let's trot through the account creation process, ensuring a smooth ride into the world of opportunities that OXFUN proudly offers.

Registering on OXFUN

1. Navigate to the OXFUN registration page. Select either MetaMask, Phantom, or WalletConnect to connect and register using your desired wallet.

2. You will now have the option to enter a referral code. Review and agree to the OXFUN Terms of Service by checking the provided box. Note that this step is required to move forward in the registration process.

3. A signature request will pop up on your chosen wallet asking you to confirm your registration. Hit 'Sign'.

4. That's it! You have now completed the OXFUN onboarding process and can move ahead with your first deposit. Happy Grazing!

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